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Brow Mapping Course
Brow Mapping Course
Brow Mapping Course
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Brow Mapping Course
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Brow Mapping Course
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Brow Mapping Course

Brow Mapping Course

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Brow Mapping is the crucial step to create the right brow shape for every brow treatment. Brow Mapping follows a step-to-step approach to achieve brow symmetry and to identify the most flattering brow shape for your clients based on their facial features. Especially for a novice in the field of brow treatments, brow mapping can give you the extra confidence and guidance to create the perfect brows for your clients. In this course, you will learn how to master a brow map for highly symmetrical eyebrows. The best start for any brow tint or brow henna treatment.

The Benefits :

  • Upgrade the outcome of any brow treatment.
  • By using videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes we make sure you can map the brows.
  • Create the best brow shape using the natural and unique features of your clients face.


*No experience is required to complete this course

*English must be well spoken & can understand clearly is necessary 



-As soon as you enrol & pay we will send you an email with a theory portion of the course in a pdf training manual for you to complete in your own time at home,

-A link for the video content to watch & your kit will be sent out, So make sure you enter contact details/shipping address correctly & check junk emails for this email.

-Lifelong support, advice & help. 
We are always only a message or email away if you need any questions answered, advice, extra support or if you’re unsure of anything just contact us & we will respond promptly!

-When you receive your kit get familiar with everything in there

* Upon successful completion of the above & 2 practise models done at home in your own time with photos/videos sent through for both courses you will receive a personalised Certificate of Completion.


includes kit valued @ $60

- brow ruler

- mini measurement caliper

- gel mapping pen

- pigmented mapping thread

- brow pencil

- white brow pencil